Das Booth
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About Das Booth photobooth

We are Das Booth, a photobooth company! We believe with our work ethic and our passion, we can make our customer’s photobooth experience memorable. We’ll work with the customers to customize templates, and have them choose from our selected backdrops.


About us


Das Us!

We are two friends from high school who love taking photos, and drinking beer. In fact, our photobooth name and logo is based off of our adventures at Oktoberfest in 2017, where we captured priceless memories with our friends in Munich. Inspired by our trip and partially by the movie “Beerfest”, we chose to name our company Das Booth. 

Now we're here to help you capture your memories at special events with our photobooth! We want to make your experience as unforgettable as ours. From corporate events to weddings, birthdays, or even a beer fest, we'll be there! We'll walk you through the process, create your photostrip template, and design your backdrop. We know how important it is to capture great moments, so we’ll work with you every step of the way.

We are committed to making your experience memorable and stress-free. (We’ll even wear our lederhosen upon request!) If you want, we can even provide lederhosen costumes for you to wear as a prop! (Changing room not included)